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All you need to know about Model Test Shoots: The Ultimate Guide for fashion models, fashion photographers & Aspiring stylists
Paperback by Tatiana Kurnosova (Author) 10/30/2019

Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion
Hardcover by Marcellas Reynolds (Author) 10/08/2019

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The Model Manifesto: An A-Z anti-exploitation manual for the fashion industry
Paperback by Leanne Maskell (Author), Sebastian Cubides (Illustrator) 5/02/2019

Manifesting Fashion: A Guide To Becoming A Professional Model
Paperback by Makaela Reve Heard (Author) 9/30/2018

Nathalie: Confessions of a Fashion Model: The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry: Monarch Mind Control, Slavery and Sexual Abuse 1st Edition
by Nathalie Augustina (Author), Robin de Ruiter (Introduction) 2/06/2018

Finding the Supermodel in You: The Insider's Guide to Teen Modeling
Paperback by Claudia Mason (Author), Carole White (Foreword) 3/15/2016

The Model's Bible
Paperback by R. C. Lane (Author) 11/15/2013

Fitness Model Program
Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL Oxygen Magazine, At home exercises, Female weight training, Flat abs, Bikini diet. The Fitness Model physique or look, contrary to popular belief, is something that that ALL can achieve! Even if you don't want to grace the cover of a health magazine or compete, you still can achieve the LOOK of a Fitness Model or Competitor.

My Fitness Modelâ„¢ Program is a combined result of over 20 years of experience in the modeling industry, over 6 years of University study including the author's specialty in Health and Wellness and 5 years of hands on experience in the trenches of the gym! Over 6,130 personal coaching sessions and meticulous scrutiny of over what works and doesn't to get the Fitness Modelâ„¢ Look!





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