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Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing network with more than 730,000 members and 11,000 vehicles in urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria. Zipcar offers more than 30 makes and models of self-service vehicles by the hour or day to residents and businesses looking for an alternative to the high costs and hassles of owning a car.

Zipcar is the world's largest car sharing and car club service. It is an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. Share Zipcars in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC. Zipcars also live on campus at universities across North America.

Drive zipcars by the hour or the day. It's like having your own car in the city - but with free gas and insurance.
okay, it's better than having your own car.

24/7 access to Zipcars parked all over the city. Load up at the store or zip out of town!
Reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive. Yup, it's that easy.
Save cash! Gas and insurance are included in low hourly and daily rates.
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