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My iPad for Seniors (7th Edition) 7th Edition
by Michael Miller (Author) 12/22/2019

iPad Manual for Beginners: The Perfect iPad Guide for Seniors, Beginners, & First-time iPad Users
Paperback by Joe Malacina (Author) 11/22/2019


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iPad Pro For Seniors: Getting Started With iPadOS 13 For iPad Pro
Paperback – October 14, 2019 by Scott La Counte (Author)

iPad 7th Generation User Guide: The Complete 2020 Beginners and Seniors Manual to Master the New Apple 10.2" iPad and Tips & Tricks for iPadOS 13
Paperback by Aaron Madison (Author) 2/13/2019

My iPad for Seniors (6th Edition) 6th Edition
by Michael Miller (Author) 12/13/2018

iPad Video Lessons From Tablet Training
Fully customize your iPad so it works for you and not the other way around;
Zoom, snap and organize photos with ease;
Keep up to date with all your events and appointments at a glance;
Store contact info for all your friends, family and colleagues and contact them in myriad different ways;
Ensure you can quickly connect to any available network in your area without floundering about and losing valuable time;
Harness the unbelievable power of iPad apps – how to find them, buy them, and get them up and running;
Keep in the good graces of the flight crew by putting your iPad in airplane mode;
Make your iPad come alive with your very own sound scheme;
Keep your most treasured photos near and dear by using them as wallpaper on your iPad;
Set your iPad to display text in a larger font, or even talk back to you.....

IPAD101 - iPad Video Lessons
Simple iPad instruction videos. Learn iPad the Easy way IPAD101 video lessons will get you started and help you get the most out of your iPad. Plus, get personal help and answers to your iPad questions at any time! Learn Beginners To Advanced iPad Skills Clear, and Comprehensive iPad Training 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Apple Ipad 4 Idiots Guide + Video Lessons 2020
For the latest iOS 7! iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina! iPad 4 idiots Ebook and Video Tutorial Guide For Apple iPad 3 4. Quickly learn how to use the apple ipad with ipad 4 idiots guides and tips. Want to learn how to use your iPad instantly with easy step-by-step tutorials?



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