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Daily disposable contact lenses are the world's best-value contacts. The first Lab-to-Wearer daily contact lens system. Meet the inventor In 1993 Ron Hamilton, the inventor of daily-disposable contact lenses, built the first laboratory in the world dedicated to making this product. By streamlining the manufacturing process, he cut the cost per lens by 95%. When Bausch & Lomb (B&L), the biggest eye-care company in the world, approached him for distribution rights he ended up selling them the company! Daily-disposable contacts give outstanding comfort, convenience and healthier eyes to millions of contact lens wearers with over 1.5 billion lenses having been made and sold using Ron's process, but he was concerned that these benefits were not as widespread as they could be due to high selling prices. Over 5 years he therefore developed a new lens with UV inhibitor and a low-cost distribution system with compact packaging and efficient order processing.




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