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191 Unlimited - The Best Slim Fitting Shirt You Will Ever Own

International Shipping. Shop Designer Clothes For Men! 191 Unlimited was founded in 2002 with $191 and a dream. Long time best friends Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani took $191 to the casino and turned it into enough money to launch their first 191 Unlimited collection. The two college grads then loaded the samples into their car and went on a 2 month trek from NY to LA and back, stopping in as many cities as possible to show their line to specialty stores.

The founders had 4 original principles by which they wanted each shirt to be made: 1) Awesome Fit, 2) Extreme Comfort, 3) Innovative Detailing, and 4) Affordability. 191 Unlimited still employs these 4 core principles in the making of all of its products.

TOPS, Shirts, Sweaters, T-Shirts, Knits, Vest
BOTTOMS, Pants, Shorts
OUTERWEAR, Jackets, Blazers
ACCESSORIES, Ties, Fedoras

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