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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

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International Shipping. Freudian Slippers... Salvador Dali Wristwatches... Albert Einstein Finger Puppets... These are just a few of the strange and wonderful things made by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Funny gifts for college graduates.

After Therapy Mints, Albert Einstein, DalĂ­ Watch, TARDIS Mug, Disappointmints, EmpowerMints, F-stop Watch, Freudian Slippers, Frida Kahlo, Global Warming Mug, Moustaches Mug, Obamarama, Relativity Watch, Sarah's Embarrassmints, Shakespearean Insult Mug, Vincent van Gogh, William Shakespeare.

They are the world's #1 manufacturer of Intellectual Novelty Gifts -- offering over 400 of the most peculiar gifts and products. Their unique line of mugs, for instance, can be found in museum shops and gift boutiques throughout the world. Their products have been profiled in countless magazines and newspapers as well as on television. They take great pride in the design and craftsmanship that go into their products.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
105 Atlantic Ave. #1
Brooklyn NY 11201





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