O3 Essentials OraJuvenate Powerful Cleansing Dental Cream For Maximum Oral Health

O3 Essentials OraJuvenate


O3 Essentials OraJuvenateTM is a powerful, cleansing dental cream for maximum oral/dental health. It combines the unique properties of jojoba esters with ozone-oxygen (O3). What can O3 jojoba do for my oral health? As a synergistic blend, OraJuvenateTM provides the addition of high quality ozone-oxygen to your daily oral health routines. OraJuvenateTM has a consistent creamy viscosity and an indefinite shelf life.

What are some of the uses for OraJuvenateTM? People apply OraJuvenateTM directly to specific areas of concern, or include after your brushing routines one or more times a day. They recommend running your floss through OraJuvenateTM to apply between the teeth at night to get the maximum benefits of ozone-oxygen while you sleep. OraJuvenateTM helps remove bacteria and plaque buildup, then helps prevent future bacterial growth.

One customer commented, "After making OraJuvenateTM a regular part of my dental care, my dental hygienest, at my next visit said, "I must tell you. You have impeccable oral hygiene" Suggested Use: O3 Essentials OraJuvenateTM is a powerful cleansing dental cream infused with ozone-oxygen for maximum, oral-dental care. Brush, floss, then apply directly and massage into gums or as recommended by your dental health professional. For sensitive skin test a small area first. Not intended to be ingested. Storing: O3 Essentials Jojoba has a stable shelf life. As an ester, it does not contain oil and does not go rancid.

Ingredients: USDA Certified Organic Jojoba, purified water and ozone-oxygen No animal testing. No preservatives or coloring.





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