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Heart Health - Dr. Dwight Lundell, The Great Cholesterol Lie
Cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell's book reveals why inflammation causes heart disease and how the cholesterol lies and myths began forty years ago.

You will learn:
The most famous long-term study in heart research... and how it led to the most devastating mistake in health care!
How 41% of ALL deaths in America could be prevented easily, simply, and virtually cost-free!
Why lowering your cholesterol intake is not helping lower your risk of heart attack... and may actually be doing you more harm!
How to recognize the signs of a heart attack... and the best course of action to ensure you survive! And more.....

Crunch Cholesterol: Natural, Safe Secrets for High Cholesterol
Reduce Triglycerides Without Statin Drugs.

Beyond A Heart Attack
Based on personal experience answers to many worrying questions on true symptoms of a heart attack and heart attack in women etc. Offers practical insight into the after-effects.

Heart Health Made Easy: How to Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

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