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Quality Ebook By Independent Financial Planner. Larry Russell holds a BS from M.I.T., an MA from Brandeis University, and an MBA from Stanford University. He is Managing Director of an independent California Registered Investment Adviser firm, where he specializes in developing comprehensive lifetime financial and investment plans for clients.

2015 Adobe Acrobat eBook edition. Objective research proves investors should always pay the very lowest investment costs. Securities markets are fundamentally unpredictable. Amateurs and professionals cannot reliably predict future asset values.

Reducing investment expenses is the only reliable economic lever you can control. Significantly improve your net long-term risk-adjusted returns by slashing your investment costs.
By slashing expenses to the bone, your investments also improve. The least expensive funds increase diversification, lower risk, avoid unnecessary taxes, reduce trading costs, and require much less attention.

Improve your net returns and increase your long-term wealth with less effort. Research shows that financial advisors have zero skill in picking superior investment funds. Nobody has a crystal ball. Everyone is guessing about the future. When you buy funds directly, you avoid the excessive costs of advisor recommended funds. Boost your net financial performance by eliminating advisor costs.

What really works in personal investing
Investment costs are your real enemy
Selecting the lowest cost mutual funds & ETFs
200+ lowest cost mutual funds in 30 asset classes
200+ lowest cost ETFs in 29 asset classes



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