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DUBturbo - Beat Maker Software
Urban Beat Production Software. Make Pro Rap, Hiphop, House, Techno + Beats Fast & Easy, 1000's of samples, 16 tracks, pads, keys, fx, Mix & Master/Export Studio Quality All-In-One! Make Rap Beats Software in minutes. Hiphop production tool and beat maker for computers, PC and MAC.

It doesn't matter if you've never made beats before, or if you haven't touched a sequencer in your life, because as of right now - you're starting the transition from novice - to billboard level hit making producer! "As soon as I started, I played back the first few beats I created and was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! I had no idea how easy it was to make the same quality beats I hear on the radio and in the clubs!" Yep, you'll be saying the same thing once you try it.

Dr. Drum - Digital Beat Making Software
Digital Beat Making Software - Mix master beats in minutes with this powerful yet easy to use software for PC & Mac.

Mega Music Maker Beat Maker
MEGAMUSICMAKER: Hip hop beat maker, Rap beats, Music production, Techno, R&B, Make beats fast and easy. Studio quality beats made quicker than you would ever imagine. What if you could download software off the Internet, make insane beats with it AND sell those beats online through a marketplace? Megamusicmaker is the biggest, baddest beat maker in existence. Brand spankin' new and packed with thousands of amazing sounds, combos and drums. Arrange complete songs on your computer in minutes, or log into the members area and create songs online. After you are done, upload the beats you make to the marketplace and sell them.

Beats365 Unlimited membership including all the beats and sounds produced by Jamie Lewis
Beats365: Beats by Jamie Lewis. Hip Hop & Rap Beats, Download Rap & Hip Hop Instrumentals, Sound Effects, Stock Music. Hip Hop Beats. Download hundreds of hip hop & rap beats, r&b instrumentals. Music produced by Nebula a.k.a Jamie Lewis.





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