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Create a custom Collage Canvas in over 100 shapes!

Create your collage on, the collage maker website with free sharing and amazing collage prints.

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Create a Heart Shape Collage with your own Photos

International Shipping. is a website that lets you upload pictures, make them into a custom collage, and order high-quality printed products featuring your collage. You can also share collages online for free. Each collage can include hundreds of pictures arranged either in one of their 50+ shapes, or however you like. offers a unique, custom photo collage for customers on either a canvas, poster, card stock or a blanket. has the best collage generation software, automatically arranging 1-500 photos into one of over 100 shapes with no gaps or overlapping. Quality Prints. 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

The Company originated from software that one of the founders, Kevin Borders, created to help make an anniversary gift for his girlfriend. He wanted to build a collage with 1000 of their personal photos, and there wasn't anything out there that could do it. Kevin enlisted the help of Kyle Mulka, a fellow Michigan graduate, to help build the very first custom collage. After completing the collage, shown on the right, Kevin gave it to his girlfriend, who loved it (and they eventually got married!) Kevin then decided to get together with friend and then co-worker at Microsoft, Joe Golden, to transform the original software into a website where anyone could make a custom collage and share their memories.

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Printed on heavy card stock Envelopes included

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