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QuickTax guarantees 100% accuracy RRSP deadline is March 2nd. Complete your taxes with QuickTax before the deadline. File your taxes by April 30th with QuickTax, Canada's #1 selling tax software. Complete your taxes with QuickTax online, starting at $14.99. File your taxes with QuickTax. The easy way to get your maximum refund – guaranteed Choose QuickTax, the easy way to get your maximum refund – guaranteed QuickTax starting at $19.99 for 8 tax returns. Do your taxes with Canada’s #1 best selling tax software – QuickTax! Try QuickTax for free, prepare your taxes online and pay only when you file. tax tips QuickTax let you easily prepare your tax returns online with guaranteed biggest refund! Order any QuickTax desktop edition, and get 8 tax returns included. Try QuickTax for Free, file your return online and get your tax refund as little as 8 days. Do your taxes with QuickTax - 100% accuracy guaranteed File your tax returns online with QuickTax, a tax service trusted by millions of Canadians. You’ll get your biggest refund - guaranteed

QuickTax Canada's #1 Best-Selling Tax Software. It's Tax Season! As part of Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU), a global financial software company, QuickTax is Canada's #1 best selling tax software. Desktop products (download/CD) and online editions. You can complete an online purchase, or file tax return(s) online. QuickTax is the most trusted tax software in Canada. QuickTax offers taxpayers the biggest refund guaranteed.




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