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Get Connected using your DNA! Personal DNA Art. World Wide Country Conncections. Give you a fun, easy, and affordable way to learn more about yourself through DNA testing. Access to the information contained in your DNA, your unique DNA signature, the GeneRing™, and showing you where in the world you can find others with similar DNA. ConnectMyDNA™ contracts exclusively with one of the world's leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. Through their exclusive agreement, they are assured of the highest level of quality and accurate testing and results for all their clients.

ConnectMyDNA™ is not an ancestry test. ConnectMyDNA™ utilizes current databases that represent the modern world population structure. ConnectMyDNA™ provides you with a Gene Ring™ and the populations with which you share the most similarity.

4 Step Guide: to ConnectMyDNA™

Choose up to 5 regions to compare your DNA to.
Collect and send your DNA sample to their state-of-the-art laboratory for testing
Get your personal Gene RingTM, regional country comparisons, and rankings.
Connect, Compare and Socialize with others from around the globe based on your DNA.

Why would I take the ConnectMyDNA™ test?
We know that over 99% of human DNA is identical. It's less than 1% of our DNA that makes us unique; that tells us what our physical characteristics are like. We know that in some way we are all connected as human beings. One theory of human evolution is that over the course of centuries and millennia humans began a migration pattern that took them from regions in Africa into Asia through Europe and into North and South America. Even as recent as the 20th Century (1918-1998) human migration continues therefore changing the face of global populations.

Genetic traces of people from these regions survived within tiny fragments of our DNA. ConnectMyDNA™ uses a genetics population equation to calculate what fragments of these DNA particles exists within us and to what extent they share some similarity to the same fragments in populations across the globe.

The formula used is known in the scientific community as the Hardy Weinberg Equation. They do not look at ancestry. They look at what similarities or tiny fragments of these 13 markers contain similarities to population groups around the world. Knowing that the human population was evolving and reproducing as it migrated into new part of the globe, it is not such a far-fetched idea that we may have something in common with a population from Uganda or Brazil or even Australia.

Step back and look at humans in terms of where we started millions of years ago and where we are today. Everything has changed and yet something very fundamental deep within us remains the same … something that connects all of us and makes us unique and unlike any other living species on the globe. Our DNA.

Once your sample has been processed, they will email you to let you know you can log into the members area to view your results.

In the members area you will be able to view various things; Your Gene Ring™, which is a representation of your 13 DNA markers, your top country connection for the regions you selected when you purchased ConnectMyDNA™ your Allele Values, various connection statistics and access to the live discussions.

The results can be downloaded so you can print, share and compare your results with friends and family.


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