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Ikea's NEW Lufsig Soft Toy, Wolf by Lufsig

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Toy wolf with a rude name becomes a must-have for Hong Kong protesters. Ikea toy that was hurled at C.Y. Leung flies off the shelves after becoming a must-have item.

The grinning wolf, based on the antagonist in the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, has become the latest symbol of protest against the government of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, who has long been characterised as a "wolf" for his perceived cunning and lack of integrity.

The wolf comparison isn't the only reason Lufsig has become a favourite with protesters: the translation of the toy's name used in mainland stores is close to an obscene three-word phrase in Cantonese associated with the female genitalia.

One beneficiary of the craze will be the United Nations' children's organisation Unicef, which will receive a HK$10 donation for each HK$99 toy sold.

Hong Kong IKEA's new stuffed toy, a wolf named Lufsig, has become unexpected popular, because of a very rude reason. Lufsig, a plush toy of a wolf (who is also a lumberjack, judging by his outfit) holding a granny in his arms, who is a huge hit across all IKEA branches in Hong Kong today.

Made to look like the iconic wolf character in the 1697 fairy tale The Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault. Lufsig toy -- whose name in Cantonese, Lo Mo Sai, sounds like the offensive phrase "mom's c***".


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